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Spring 2017 events

We are planning several interesting events for the spring of ...
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Norway and Canada to collaborate on R&D internships

17.11.16 - Ottawa, Ontario - Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education and Mitacs foster industrial research by grad students.

Increased collaboration in education, research and innovation

13.11.16 - Ottawa, Ontario - During the CBIE conference in Ottawa, a new bilateral initiative between Norway and Canada was signed. The goal is to increase collaboration in higher education, research and innovation.

Embassy hosted R&D workshop

08.11.16 - St. John's, NF - The Embassy of Canada hosted a workshop in St. John's, NF, focusing on facilitating R&D partnerships in Newfoundland & Labrador.

Canada needs to rethink hostage policy

03.10.16 - Ottawa, Ontario - Extremists who beheaded two Canadians in the Philippines this week freed a Norwegian for whom a ransom was paid.

The CNBA's objective is to strengthen the business ties between Norway and Canada.


The objective is to be achieved through:

  • raising awareness of Canada and Norway,
  • supporting Canadian and Norwegian companies,
  • hosting events bringing Canadian and Norwegian companies and individuals together.

The CNBA is a non-profit organization