Canada - Norway

At the political level, Canada and Norway share a strong relationship underlined by vigorous cooperation and collaboration in various international fora. Canada and Norway have cooperated and co-founded several initiatives, particularly in the field of small arms, war-affected children and gender equality. They have a special partnership in the Human Security Network, having launched the international human security initiative by signing a bilateral Partnership for Action, entitled the "Lysøen Declaration" in 1998.

Now increased trade and investment, and the goal of establishing new research and development collaboration, offers new possibilities for companies and research organizations alike. A selection of key information related to the trade and investment relationship has been collected and can be viewed by clicking on the navigation bar to the left of this section.

The CNBA's objective is to strengthen the business ties between Norway and Canada.


The objective is to be achieved through:

  • raising awareness of Canada and Norway,
  • supporting Canadian and Norwegian companies,
  • hosting events bringing Canadian and Norwegian companies and individuals together.

The CNBA is a non-profit organization