Canada Seminar @ ONS 2018

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UPDATE - The seminar has reached capacity. To add to the waiting list, please contact Barbara Thorjussen .

The Canada seminar will be held on Wednesday 29 August and is now part of the official ONS program.
Organized by Norwegian Energy Partners, details of the program entitled "Innovation and Canada's
Offshore Oil & Gas Industry" are available by clicking here .

Please contact Barbara Thorjussen for a free ticket to the event (limited number available). If
you register through the WEB website, you will be charged to attend.

* NB! A ticket for entry to ONS will be needed for access to the grounds.

Canada Reception @ ONS 2018

The Canada Reception at ONS 2018 will be held on Wednesday 29 August. This is an invitation only
event. Please contact Barbara Thorjussen at the Embassy of Canada for information.

Canadian companies at ONS 2018

 2G Robotics
 A. Harvey & Company Ltd
 Coreworx
 Cox & Palmer
 Crosbie Group
 Deep Trekker
 DF Barnes
 MacFab manufacturing Inc.
 Natural Resources Magazine
 Newfoundland & Labrador Oil & Gas Industries Association
 PF Collins
 Research & Development Corporation Newfoundland & Labrador
 Rutter Technologies
 Secunda Marine
 Sensor Technology Ltd.
 Suncor Energy
 Timberland Equipment Limited

Oil & Gas in Canada

The oil & gas industry in Canada comprises all aspects of exploration, production, transportation,
refining and environmental initiatives. Canada has the world’s 3rd largest hydrocarbon reserves and the
world’s second largest gas field. Resources include:

 Offshore oil and gas
 Oil sands
 Shale gas
 Tight oil and shale oil

Canada’s oil and gas pipelines total over 100 000km, ranking it 3rd in the world. Federal and provincial
regulatory expertise is widely acknowledged as some of the most developed, maintaining Canada as a
prime investment location for oil and gas development. Statoil’s Bay du Nord find in 2013 has
underlined the high prospectivity of the east coast of Canada.

Great focus has been given to the development of technology to mitigate the environmental impact of
oil and gas. Shell’s Quest CCS project stores over 1 million tonnes CO2 annually and is among the world’s
largest integrated carbon capture and storage projects in the world. 2018 will see the opening of the
Alberta Carbon Trunk Line, new pipeline infrastructure allowing the transportation of CO2 for enhanced
oil recovery and storage.

For more information contact John Winterbourne

Links for information:
 Alberta - Oil and Gas
 Alberta Energy
 Alberta Energy Regulator
 British Columbia Oil & Gas Commission
 Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
 Canadian Energy Pipeline Association
 Canadian Gas Association
 Canada Newfoundland & Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board
 Canada Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board
 Canadian Oil Sands Industry Alliance
 Explorers’ and Producers’ Association of Canada
 Government of Saskatchewan
Liburdi Turbine Services Inc.

 Maritimes Energy
 Natural Resources Canada
 National Energy Board https: //
 Newfoundland & Labrador Department of Natural Resources http: //
 Newfoundland & Labrador Oil & Gas Industries Association
 Nova Scotia Department of Energy
 Petroleum Services Association of Canada
 Quebec Oil & Gas Association

Canada Seminar @ ONS 2018
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