Young Professionals In the Workplace Event

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An evening of conversation, presentations and networking.

Program Overview

5:00 - Geir Engdahl

Geir Engdahl is the Chief Technology Officer of Cognite - an Oslo-based technology company that turns all data into useful information. He brings a breadth of experiences working internationally for various tech firms such as Google, starting his own successful tech companies and working with a team to achieve desired goals and succeed.

5:20 - Laura E. Mercer Traavik

Laura E. Mercer Traavik is an Associate Professor with the Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour. Her research focuses on diversity in the workplace and gender equality. Her knowlege helps inform us about what the modern workplace looks like, what it will look like in the future and how it can be improved for better results.

5:40 – Networking

Please join us for light refreshments afterwards.


Why should you attend?

Young people are important to every organization. They offer a fresh, new perspective on issues and ideas that may be overlooked by others. They bring enthusiasm, cutting-edge skills and forward-thinking perspectives.

  • How can businesses integrate young professional more fully and help prepare them for leadership roles?
  • How can young professionals take the initiative in the positions and gain the experience necessary to lead?
  • What steps should be taken between finishing one’s education and becoming an established professional?
  • Students - have the opportunity to mix and mingle with industry leaders and connect with like-minded!
  • Businesses - meet a group of dynamic, young and curious professionals eager to join the working world!

Young Professionals In the Workplace Event
  • DateWednesday 26/09/18
  • Time 5:00 - 7:00
  • Location BI Norwegian Business School - Oslo campus
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