Post-Brexit model should be not Norway or Canada – but Melilla

Forget Norway-minus, or Canada-plus, or even Canada-plus-plus-plus. If the UK wants jobs, trade and living standards to prosper after Brexit, it should aim for Melilla-max. Without it, British business could topple over the dreaded cliff edge, not in 2021, but on 30 March 2019.

Melilla? Let me explain. In some places, the edges of the European Union are blurred. Liechtenstein, Andorra and San Marino are the small change from some of the more exotic episodes in Europe’s history. They are not fully in the EU or fully out. Melilla, and nearby Ceuta, belong to the list. They are Spanish enclaves on the Moroccan coast. Madrid considers them part of Spain: they elect their own members of Spain’s parliament. 

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