A Fresh Outlook For The CNBA

A two-year pause has allowed us to review, revamp and reorganise.

A two-year pause allowed The Canadian Norwegian Business Association (CNBA) some time to review our entire setup. This break gave us the opportunity to assess what was working and what needed to change. We used this opportunity to create a renewed energy for the association.



The CNBA's mission is to be the premier organisation connecting Canadian and Norwegian businesspeople interested in jointly pursuing opportunities.



The objective of the CNBA is to strengthen the business ties between Norway and Canada. The objective is to be achieved through:


  • Facilitating introductions between key stakeholders from Norway and Canada.
  • Promoting news from the business community.
  • Knowledge sharing to develop Canadian-Norwegian business relations and support.
  • Providing networking opportunities within specific sectors.
  • Hosting events bringing Canadian and Norwegian companies together and opportunities to promote to individuals who will attend open events.
  • Building and maintaining relationships with Canadian and Norwegian embassies for necessary support and advice.

Our objectives are clear, and we are working hard to achieve them. The association is working on a non-profit basis and the board members are all volunteers – we are motivated and excited about what we are doing, and our team is creative and committed. We are making progress every week.

New Board

We are thrilled to announce several dynamic new members to our board. Joining us are accomplished leaders from a variety of industries who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the association. We are confident that with their help, and this board of seven, we will be able to continue meeting the needs of our members and furthering our mission and value. You can find more info about all our new board members here.


The board of directors meets monthly to discuss CNBA goals and plan how to meet our objectives. Currently, we focus on planning events, amplifying networking opportunities, showcasing our members and of course, growing our member base.

With a goal to grow the association and membership base, we made the decision to change our membership structure. Now, our membership is limited strictly to businesses. This was a difficult but necessary decision in order for us to maintain our standards and continue providing the best possible services to our members.

The fee structure has also changed in order to attract companies of all sizes. This allows us to offer a more competitive rate that is appealing to a wider range of businesses. Our goal is to create a community that is beneficial for all types of companies, large and small.

Sponsors are important to us. They help us cover the costs of events and allow us to provide members and attendees with a quality experience. We are grateful for the support of our sponsors and appreciate the benefits they bring to our association.



We need to grow our member and sponsor base. To do this, we need to engage with potential new members. We can do this by attending relevant events, reaching out through social media, and sending emails. By increasing our visibility and presence, we can attract new members and grow our association. We are interested in attracting members from various industries to share their valuable insights with others and find common business relations.

We want our members to share challenges they are facing and innovative solutions they are using. As business professionals, we can help each other find and form new opportunities. By networking and sharing resources, we can create an environment where everyone finds value.

We need to grow our member base so we can invest in our team and hire staff members. By expanding the team, we can continue achieving our goals and making a positive impact on the Canadian and Norwegian business communities.

We appreciate all the support our members and sponsors provide us, which includes connecting us with potential members and sharing your stories of why the CNBA is important and relevant for you.

The CNBA is also incredibly fortunate to have the Canadian Embassy’s support. It is appreciated and makes a significant difference.

Next steps

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting an event in September to kick off our revamped CNBA. This is a great opportunity for us to welcome those members who have been patient with us through this difficult time, as well as new members and sponsors for who we are so grateful for joining our network.

We're looking forward to the next few years of fruitful networking. It's been great getting to know so many different people who are passionate about Canada and Norway's business relations and success and sharing ideas. We can't wait to see what the future holds for us – and for the association as a whole.

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