Welcome Laura Dalby, Senior Trade Commissioner, Embassy of Canada to Norway

Hello everyone, I am so pleased to join the CNBA board as an ex officio member, supporting its goals of strengthening Canada-Norway commercial relations. I arrived this summer in Oslo in an exciting time with the ramp up to ONS 2022. I joined the skilled team of trade commissioners at the Embassy – perhaps you know them, but just in case: Tone Nymoen, Roy Kristiansen, Bjorn Hernes and Barbara Thorjussen. We provide free services as part of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, such as: providing market information and key contacts to Canadian companies looking to export or engage in research and development in Norway, or helping Norwegian investors navigate the Canadian market to find the fastest and greatest value for money. We also partner with organizations like the CNBA get the word out about Canada.

I am originally from British Columbia, Canada though I have also lived in Ontario and briefly in Quebec. I previously worked for the Canada Border Services Agency and I have had foreign positions for Global Affairs Canada in Cuba, Guatemala/Belize and Chicago before flying across the Atlantic to Norway. To avoid this read-out style of a resume, here is a fun story of how I joined Canada’s foreign service. I had a friend and co-worker who needed a ride to write the Canadian foreign service exams being held at the University of British Columbia (Uber wasn’t yet an option). She told me that I might as well write them while I was there, and she was certainly right about that. A few months later I was packing my bags for Ottawa – the only downside was that the flight connections were better from Vancouver, though that did not stop my travel plans. I even managed to visit Norway with two friends in 2010 and climb Preikestolen for a beautiful view of the fog.

I look forward to meeting CNBA members and friends at future events, discussing our mutual interests and working to support the success of Canada-Norway business interests. I know building relationships is crucial to success in international trade and I am pleased to be part of organizations that provide such opportunities. I am trying to learn Norwegian so I hope to say ‘hei hei’ when I meet you. I love languages so when we meet feel free to speak to me in English, French or Spanish as well.

Tusen takk!

Lag hjemmeside for din bedrift med AFFY