Are you prepared for the passing of the crisis?

The Corona crisis has hit many businesses very hard, and during a very short time, extensive measures have been implemented to ensure that companies will survive the crisis. Some have conducted large layoffs, others have reduced staff, and some have already gone out of business.

Nobody can accurately predict how long the crisis will last, but it is no doubt that it will pass. What do you do then?

Are you ready to start full operations on short notice? Do you still have access to the workforce and competence needed? What about access to commodities and capital?

The crisis came surprisingly and sudden, and most were unprepared. It will pass, and that we can prepare for! The changes that need to be implemented when the crisis passes will also be extensive, and we can prepare for it!

When customers are absent, and the activity is reduced, one should use the time to plan for the increased activity that will come. How do you secure supplies with short notice? How do you ensure that the employees are still motivated when the layoffs are withdrawn? Can you obtain the necessary financing when the speed picks up again?

In times of crisis, one should plan for the good times that will come, to avoid being left behind when other businesses have full steam ahead.

In Interimleder AS we strive to ensure companies access to the right kind of leadership at the right time. In a crisis, one needs crisis leadership, and during significant changes, one needs change leadership. We can assist with both.

It will often get worse before it gets better, but it will get better!

Petter Quinsgaard is a senior advisor at Interimleder AS. In 2003 he founded Abax and helped grow the company from 4 to 400 employees. Prior to that, he worked for 12 years in the auto industry for Peugeot and BMW. Petter has a Master of Business Administration from BI Norwegian Business School and has extensive experience from various positions in product management, quality systems, sales and marketing.

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